about us

Pasargad Quality Pioneers (PQP) was established in 2008 as a center to provide its customers with required products and services for laboratories, industrial and production organizations and research institutes. PQP also aims to be a center for knowledge transfer to its customers.

PQP is the first Iranian provider of proficiency testing (PT) services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043. Customer focus and provision of high-quality services to customers is one of our basic principles and in order to achieve that we use specialist, experienced and qualified staff. All the staff in our company have the sufficient competency and experience in designing, implementation and reporting of proficiency testings. PQP has established partnerships with the best and most qualified national and international laboratories and bodies as it subcontractor for sample preparation and also technical advice.

Proficiency testing (PT) provides the required assurance about the accuracy of results for laboratory and its customers. PT demonstrates that the laboratory testing is done in high standards and in case a laboratory participates in these programs continuously it is tool to demonstrate:

  • Accuracy/ trueness of results
  • The efficiency of quality control programs
  • Selection of the optimized method
  • Maintenance and keeping the quality of tests
  • Comparison of results with other organizations

Participation in proficiency testing is a tool for laboratories to meet the requirements of accreditation bodies. Other advantages of participation in well designed and organized PT programs are:

  • Confirmation of laboratory suitable performance
  • Detection of problems in testing and measurements
  • Comparison f methods
  • Performance improvement
  • Providing assurance in laboratory personnel, management and customers
  • Comparison of analysts capabilities
  • Access to reference materials for internal quality control activities
  • Establishment of methods precision and accuracy
  • Satisfying legal bodies and accreditation bodies